Digitalize your daily legal business

Repetitive and time-consuming business tasks have a significant impact on efficiency and a high automation potential. We enable companies to implement flexible applications to automate everyday legal business decisions.

About is a consultancy firm of experienced transaction lawyers and computer scientists that advises law firms, inhouse counsels and other companies how to digitalize their daily business with powerful decision-driven document automation.

Starting from initial consultation, to strategic consulting and ending with the complete implementation of your idea – We are the one stop shop for your needs.



We help our clients to automate their legal expertise by building turnkey solutions for document automation.


No matter how complex the decision making is, our team of experienced lawyers and computer scientist delivers a ready to use interview and document set.


We can build lead generation machines that are publicly available or only upon prior registration. Alternatively, we build apps that are only accessible by your employees.

Work Examples

We offer document automation from A-Z: from Simple Term Sheets to the comprehensive corresponding Definitive Documentation.

Test our bilingual Term Sheets here:


Please ask our team for the Definitive Docu­mentation for the Term Sheets generated.


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